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Benefits of a Trucking Career

Various benefits exist when you take advantage of a trucking career in Georgia. The salary for truckers in the state, on average, are $39,800 according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. This may vary based upon experience, license endorsements and the ability/desire to drive interstate versus intrastate.

Additionally, in order to get started in a trucking career, you only need a CDL. This can be obtained after attending a CDL driving course. You won’t need a four-year degree, which means you can get started in a career quickly. It also means that you won’t go into student loan debt like many other people around the country.

Truckers can enjoy high job stability because of the amount of growth taking place within the career field. As estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of trucking jobs is set to increase 21 percent over the next decade. With more job openings, you can find a job as long as you have a CDL and a clean driving record.

Many industries are found in the trucking industry, particularly in Georgia. You can drive for companies that specialize in agriculture, food and beverage manufacturing, hazardous materials and much more. This allows you to choose a schedule that meets your lifestyle. It also allows you to drive a truck that you are comfortable with, such as an open bed trailer, a refrigerated trailer or even a tanker.

As a trucker, you never have to worry about being at a computer for extended periods of time. Instead, you get to spend the majority of your day behind the wheel of a truck. Other jobs you may find yourself doing throughout the week include truck maintenance, filing DOT driving logs and even loading and unloading the contents of your truck.

Laws and Regulations in Florida

Many laws and regulations are in place in Georgia. Traffic laws must be abided by at all times. This means considering speeding regulations, laws in terms of reckless driving and road rage and much more. If you acquire 15 or more points in a 24 month period, your license can be suspended. Even a suspension of your standard driver’s license will lead to a CDL suspension as well.

Studded tires are not permitted, rubber or metal. The only time studded tires or chains are permitted are when snow or ice driving conditions call for it.

Anti-idling laws are in place within Atlanta, Georgia. A 15 minute idle is in effect, which means drivers cannot idle for longer than this. The best way to get around the law is to have an APU or truck mounted generator in place.

DOT regulations must also be followed. No driving is permitted for longer than 14 hours. To get back on the road, you will need a 10 hour break or longer. If you drive every day, you also must not work more than 70 hours in a period of 8 consecutive days.

If you’re ready for new beginning in the trucking industry, use our listings to apply for the jobs that you want!

CDL Requirements in Georgia

You can obtain your CDL once you have satisfied all of the necessary requirements from the Georgia DMV. To get your license, you will need to:

  • Show valid Georgia issued driver’s license
  • Show Social Security card
  • Be 18 or older
  • Pass a vision and health exam
  • Pass a driving and written test

CDL trucking jobs in Georgia are numerous. Once you know the benefits and the laws you must follow, you can find many jobs that meet your needs and lifestyle.

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