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Benefits of a Trucking Career

When you consider the benefits of a trucking career, consider the salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that truckers in Idaho earn an average of $36,580 a year. With more experience, more endorsements and a clean driving record, you may be able to earn even more. This is a job where you need little on the job training and you do not need to obtain a four-year degree. When you consider this, it can save you a significant amount of money in the pursuit of your education.

The growth for trucking jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is estimated to be 21 percent over the next 10 years. This means more employers will be hiring truckers and there will be more opportunities for you to sift through. It can also lead to more job stability if you have a clean driving record and are a dependable driver.

Another perk of being in a trucking career is a flexible schedule. Some employers look for daytime drivers and others look for nighttime drivers. You can find a job that will keep you as close to or as far away from home as you desire.

You control your salary. When you have more endorsements and more knowledge on the roads, you can find employers willing to pay you for this experience. This allows you to pursue higher salaries than what the national average is.

Laws and Regulations in Idaho

Many laws and regulations are in Idaho. You will need to follow all of the traffic laws to avoid citations. 12 points or more in a 12 month period may lead to a 30-day suspension – or even higher depending upon the total number of points that have accumulated on the license and how many are repeat offenses.

In the fall and winter, studded tires can be used from October 1 to April 30. Additional exemptions can be granted from the Idaho Transportation Board. There may also be instances where you will need to use snow chains, though these will be in the event of a weather emergency.

DOT regulations must be followed at all times. You may have an electronic on-board recording device or you can submit records manually. The number of hours to drive consecutively is to be no more than 14 and then you will need to stop for a period of 10 hours or longer. If you drive daily, you will need to work no more than 70 hours in a period of 8 consecutive days.

Also, under federal law, in order to drive interstate, which means to take cargo of any kind across state lines, you as the driver must be at least 21 years of age if you are below 21, you can only do intrastate driving, which may limit job opportunities.

If you’re ready to get on the road and start talking to potential employers, use our listings to find jobs in your area!

CDL Requirements in Idaho

A variety of CDL requirements exist in Idaho. Before you can obtain your commercial driver’s license, you will need to:

  • Be at least 18
  • Pass a vision and health exam
  • Take a written exam
  • Take a driving exam
  • Have a valid Idaho driver’s license
  • Bring in a Social Security card

With so many CDL opportunities in the state, you will want to explore what different employers have to offer. This will allow you to choose a job that you will be happy in for many years to come.

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