You will find more than your share of CDL trucking jobs in Iowa. Regardless of whether you have had your CDL for years or you are just going to get it, there are jobs for you to take advantage of around the state.

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Benefits of a Trucking Career

When you consider benefits, salary is likely one of the first things you will think of. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the average salary for truckers in Iowa is $39,300. This is a high salary, especially when you consider you do not need to go to college in order to become qualified as a trucker. You will only need to attend CDL training school, which is significantly less expensive than a four-year university.

You are in control of what you earn. As you gain more experience on the road and obtain more endorsements on your license, you can drive bigger trucks and drive for larger employers – which will directly impact how much money you are able to earn a year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 21 percent growth amongst trucking jobs across the country in the next ten years. With more opportunities than ever, it will be easy to find a job and stay employed. With job stability, it can ease your stress levels and help you find an employer that you are happy with – and who can meet the needs of your lifestyle.

As a trucker, another benefit is that you do not need to be behind a desk all day. You may never even touch a computer. The majority of your work is done behind the wheel of a big rig and you may only come into contact with your employer a few days a week or even a few days a month.

Laws and Regulations in Iowa

Many laws and regulations exist in Iowa. You will need to abide by all traffic laws throughout the state. Each violation can result in points on your license as well as fines. Fines will be your responsibility to pay – not your employers. Further, too many points on your license can have you fall out of favor with your employer – and too many can result in CDL suspension.

Federal law states you must be 21 or older to be able to drive across state lines with cargo. If you are hired as a driver, you must be at least 21 to be an interstate driver.

Endorsements may need to be added to your license based upon what you are driving. Laws state an endorsement must be obtained for driving a truck with air brakes, that is carrying hazardous materials or that is a tanker.

DOT regulations must also be managed. This includes not driving more than 14 consecutive hours without first taking a ten hour break. Also, you must not work more than 70 hours in a period of 8 days. All of this must be documented and submitted on a monthly basis.

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CDL Requirements in Iowa

There are a variety of CDL requirements to be aware of in Iowa. To get your commercial driver’s license, you will want to make sure you have the following:

  • A valid Iowa driver’s license
  • Proof of being 18 or older
  • A Social security card

Additionally, you will need to take the following exams and pass them:

  • Vision
  • Written
  • Driving

With so many opportunities to be employed in the state as a trucker, you will want to explore all of them to see what employers have the most to offer. Once you have your CDL, you can become employed just about anywhere.

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