You can find many CDL trucking jobs in Michigan. Once you have the commercial driver’s license, you can drive many types of trucks and work in many different industries.

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Benefits of a Trucking Career

The average trucker’s salary according to the The Bureau of Labor Statistics in Michigan is $38,370. Should you wish to earn more than this, it may be possible depending upon the endorsements you have on your license, allowing you to drive different trucks, such as tankers or those holding hazardous materials.

Additionally, as a trucker, you can take advantage of the growth that is occurring within the career field. The BLS has estimated a 21 percent growth for trucking careers around the nation over the next 10 years. This is faster than average and will provide more stability in a career as well as more opportunities to choose from.

When you become a trucker, you can do so quickly. Once you go through a CDL training program and obtain your CDL, you have what’s needed to be a trucker. There are no degrees to obtain and you likely won’t need to get into student loans in order to afford tuition – which means you can avoid student loan debt like what many other Americans are dealing with.

There are many employers across many industries. As a result, you can choose a job that fits your lifestyle. You may be able to find jobs that have you driving day or night, off on the weekends and even off on major holidays.

Laws and Regulations in Michigan

Various laws and regulations are in place in Michigan for you to follow. One important set of regulations is a federal requirement from the Department of Transportation. You must not drive for more than 14 hours consecutively and you must not work for more than 70 hours total in a week of 8 days in row.

Other laws include the traffic laws throughout the state. In the event you receive a citation, you are likely going to incur points on your license, too. If you get too many in a 12 month period, you could end up with your CDL suspended for 30 days or longer, depending on the number of points and whether they are repeat offenses.

You will be permitted to have studded tires in the state, but only if they are rubber. This may be necessary for your truck, especially in the winter when you are likely to enter areas with snow and ice to ensure you have traction on the road.

Also, when you are getting your CDL, you will need endorsements on your license to drive certain vehicles and certain materials. For example, you will need an endorsement for tankers, for trucks with air brakes as well as for transporting hazardous materials.

Additionally, you will need to be at least 21 years of age in order to drive in an interstate capacity, which means crossing state lines with any kind of cargo in your commercial truck.

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CDL Requirements in Michigan

You will need to meet various requirements to get your CDL in Michigan. This includes meeting age requirements and bringing various documents into the DMV. It includes:

  • Being a minimum of 18 years old
  • Showing a Michigan state ID
  • Showing your social security card
  • Passing a vision exam
  • Passing a written CDL exam
  • Passing a driving exam

All you need is a CDL to begin accessing a variety of different jobs out there. You may be surprised by how many great offers you can get once you start looking into the different employers.

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