You will find many CDL trucking jobs in Mississippi. Whether you have a CDL or you are working on getting your CDL, it’s important to know about the opportunities out there and how you can obtain the best jobs available.

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Benefits of a Trucking Career

There are many benefits to explore with a trucking career. Unlike many other careers out there, you will not need a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This means you won’t need to go into student loan debt like a majority of people in the country. You will simply need to go through a CDL training course and then get your CDL.

Once you have your CDL, you can earn a significant salary. According to the The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for truckers in Mississippi is $36,780. You may have the ability to earn more if you have more endorsements on your license, are willing to work longer hours and have more experience behind the wheel of a big rig.

There is an estimated 21 percent growth for trucking jobs taking place around the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This allows many people to take advantage of more opportunities. It can also result in better job stability for you.

Another bonus of being a trucker is that you control your schedule. In many instances, it does not matter when you get the load to the destination. This allows you to choose whether you will drive day or night as well as what days of the week you will take off.

Laws and Regulations in Mississippi

When you drive in Mississippi, you must adhere to all of the laws and regulations. Traffic laws can be violated and when they are, you will receive a citation including points on your license and a fee that must be paid. If you acquire too many points in a 12 month period, your CDL may be suspended – which can cause you to lose your job.

It is also important to note that studded tires of any sort are not permitted. This includes rubber and metal studs. In the event that you hit rough weather, you will want to equip your truck with all-weather tires to ensure you are capable of keeping traction on the road.

DOT regulations must be adhered to. You cannot work more than 70 hours in an 8-day workweek if you work daily. If you do not work every day, you cannot work more than 60 hours in a 7-day workweek. Additionally, you must rest for 10 hours or longer after driving for 14 consecutive hours before being permitted to get back onto the road.

Additionally, federal law states that you must be 21 years or older to drive interstate. If you plan on driving for a company that requires you to take cargo across state lines, you must meet this requirement or you will not be hired.

Take some time to review the latest job listings in your area. Once you fill out your application you can submit it to as many companies that have career opportunities that match your skills!

CDL Requirements in Mississippi

There are many CDL requirements to be aware of when you wish to get your CDL in Mississippi. Prior to going to the DMV, you will need to ensure you are at least 17 years of age. Once you get down there, you must also:

  • Show a valid driver’s license
  • Show a Social security card
  • Pass a vision test
  • Pass a written test
  • Pass a driving test and truck inspection

With so many opportunities to take advantage of in the state, you will want to explore the employers and what they have to offer. Mississippi has many employers that require truckers and you can be one of them as long as you have a CDL.

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