When you live in Nebraska, you will quickly find there are many CDL trucking jobs. With so many benefits to take advantage of, you will want your CDL quickly to begin checking them all out for yourself.

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Benefits of a Trucking Career

You will find many benefits for getting into a trucking career. One of the first is that you will not have to go to a four year university, which allows you to get started in a career significantly faster. You will also find that it is more affordable to attend a CDL training program than a four year university, which means you won’t go into debt with student loans.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that the average trucker’s salary in Nebraska is $37,900. This salary may be increased with hard work, more experience and more endorsements, which can lead to higher paying job opportunities.

Various industries exist within the state. This allows you to choose from employers that are looking for daytime drivers, nighttime drivers and various other schedules. If you would like to stay close to home, there are employers offering such routes. If you would like to explore the country by way of commercial truck, there are employers offering those routes, too.

You won’t be dealing with a significant amount of technology, except what’s found at your dashboard. A computer will not be part of your day to day routine, which means you won’t have to worry about sitting in front of a desk. In many instances, your employer will provide you with a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to stay in communication with the home office by way of that.

Laws and Regulations in Nebraska

Laws and regulations exist in Nebraska on a state and federal level.

State laws include the traffic laws. You will need to follow all of them, otherwise it can lead to citations, fines and points on your license. Many employers want to see a clean driving record, so points on your license can hurt your chances of becoming employed. Too many points can also hurt your chances of being able to keep your CDL as it may be suspended.

Other state laws include studded tires, which are permitted only during the months of November through March. This will allow you more traction on the roads when you encounter snow and ice.

Federal laws include what is required by the DOT. You will have to track your hours and submit monthly reports. This is to show you are not driving more than 14 hours in a row without a 10 hour break first. It will also show that you are not working for more than 70 hours in a period of 8 days. When they say working, it is all forms of work, not just driving, which is an important distinction to make.

Another federal law to be aware of is that you will not be able to do any interstate driving until you reach the age of 21. You will not be able to cross the border with any cargo in your commercial truck until you reach that age, otherwise it could lead to fines for you and your employer.

If you’re a driver with the skills that employers are looking for, don’t wait to apply for positions available in your state. Use to find your next career opportunity!

CDL Requirements in Nebraska

There are many Nebraska CDL requirements that you must meet in order to get your commercial driver’s license. These require you to:

  • Pass a vision and health exam
  • Pass a written and driving test
  • Show birth certificate
  • Show Social Security card
  • Show Nebraska driver’s license

Getting the CDL is the easy part. Once you have that, you can begin to check out the different industries and employers that are hiring to get started in your career.

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