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Many different CDL trucking jobs in New Jersey exist. Regardless of what kind of truck you want to drive, day or night, there are opportunities for you to look into. wants to be your resource for finding a new career in the trucking industry. That’s why we maintain up-to-date listings of jobs in all 50 states. Whether you’re looking for company driver or owner operator positions, we can help you get ahead.

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Benefits of a Trucking Career

You will be able to experience many benefits when you engage in a trucking career. You can get started in the career upon receiving a CDL – which only takes a few months. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average trucker’s salary to be $38,290 in New Hampshire. This is a considerable amount of money, especially when you take into consideration that your formal education is measured in months, not years.

Growth is considerable as a truck driver. You can use this to your advantage to find more opportunities and have more stability throughout your career. The BLS has estimated a growth of 21% over the next ten years. As more employers look for affordable transportation for their goods, more truckers are hired.

As a trucker, you can find a schedule that fits your needs. If you wish to spend time with the family, you can work during the day and be off on nights and weekends. If you wish to see the country, you can work day or night and spend a bulk of your work week on the roads.

It may be possible to influence your salary considerably. You may be able to do more than just drive to earn more money. When you become responsible for such things as truck maintenance, routing, dispatching and loading/unloading your truck, it may be possible to earn more. It may also be possible to earn more based upon endorsements you have obtained on your commercial driver’s license.

Laws and Regulations in New Jersey

Laws and regulations are extensive in New Hampshire and you will need to know them all to be a successful CDL driver. For example, you will need to know about the anti-idling laws. If below 32 degrees, you can idle for up to 15 minutes. If it is over 32 degrees, you will only be able to idle for 5 minutes at a time.

DOT laws must also be followed. You will be required to submit reports monthly about how many hours you work and how many hours you spend on the road. For example, you will need to show you are not driving more than 14 hours consecutively without a 10 hour break. You will also need to show you are not working more than a total of 70 hours in a period of 8 consecutive days.

Federal law states you cannot drive interstate until you reach the age of 21. Until then, you will only be able to drive within the state borders.

Other laws to pay close attention to are traffic laws. You could end up with points on your license and fines to pay if you break traffic laws. The fines can set you back a considerable amount of money but the points can lead to license suspension – which may also hinder employment with various companies that look at your driving history. can be your first step in finding a new job in the trucking industry. If you’re ready to hit the road, start your application and submit it to all the jobs that fit your goals!

CDL Requirements in New Jersey

Each state has different requirements for a CDL. When you live in New Hampshire, you will need to do the following at the DMV:

  • Prove to be 18 or older
  • Show a valid state driver’s license
  • Pass a vision exam
  • Pass a health exam
  • Pass a driving exam
  • Pass a written exam

What kind of job are you looking for? When it’s behind the wheel of a commercial truck, you can find your fair share of opportunities in New Hampshire.

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