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With you can view a variety of CDL trucking jobs in New Mexico. With many industries and many employers, you will simply need a CDL to apply for the opportunities out there.

We offer drivers the resources and job listings they need to find their next job. If you have your CDL and want to hit the road, use our site to find your next opportunity!

The Benefits to a Trucking Career

A variety of benefits exist to being a trucker. For example, the average trucker salary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for those in New Mexico, is $38,320. It may be possible to increase your salary with more experience on the road, the willingness to work longer hours and be endorsed to drive more vehicles/cargo.

The growth potential for trucker jobs is increasing according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This could lead to more jobs available around the country as well as more stability within your career. 21 percent growth is what is anticipated and that is faster than many other career fields out there.

As a trucker, you can choose your schedule. There are industries that require drivers on the road 24/7. As a result, you can choose a schedule that is complimentary to your lifestyle. You may be able to work nights, days, weekends, holidays or any other combination that works best for you. Many employers have local routes, too, allowing you to stay close to home if that is something that is of interest to you.

Choosing to become a trucker is easy because you can get started once you have completed a CDL training program and obtained your CDL. There’s no need to get a bachelor’s degree or even an associate’s degree. That’s not only going to allow you to get started in your career sooner but it will ensure you are able to get started in your career without student loans.

Laws and Regulations in New Mexico

There are many laws and regulations that must be adhered to in New Mexico. Of them are the traffic laws. You can have your CDL suspended in as little as 7 points on your license. If you are found going 26 mph or more over a posted speed limit, that is 8 points and enough for your CDL to be suspended for a short period of time.

Studded tires are permitted on the roads of New Mexico. This is important to know, especially during the winter when you may encounter ice or snow on the roads. The law does not state what type of studs can be used, allowing you to choose between rubber and metal.

There are DOT laws to follow as well. These are federal laws that concern how long your workweek is as well as how long you are driving behind the wheel of your truck consecutively. You cannot work more than a 70 hour workweek and you cannot drive more than 14 hours in a row.

Other laws have to do with the license you have. You will need a CDL. However, you may also need endorsements on your license. You will need these for driving tankers, passenger-loaded commercial vehicles, trucks with air brakes, trucks carrying hazardous materials and more.

Start looking for your next opportunity in the trucking industry. Fill out your application and submit it to the jobs that match your skills and goals!

New Mexico CDL Requirements

Many CDL requirements have to be met to obtain your commercial driver’s license. This includes:

  • Being 18 or older
  • Bringing a state ID
  • Passing a health and vision exam
  • Taking and passing a written exam
  • Taking and passing a driving test

All you need is a CDL to be able to take advantage of many great CDL trucking jobs in New Mexico. Compare offers and research companies before you accept a position to ensure you have a satisfying career as a truck driver.

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