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The Benefits to a Trucking Career

As a trucker in North Dakota, you can take advantage of many benefits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has said that North Dakota is one of the highest paying states for the average trucker salary at $45,700. While this is the average, you may be able to earn more with CDL endorsements and the ability to work longer hours.

Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has said that there is a large concentration of trucking jobs in North Dakota. This makes it easier to find more opportunities – as well as more opportunities that fit your overall lifestyle. This can include working days or nights, staying close to home or being on the road throughout the week.

Another benefit to being a trucker is the short amount of training required to get started. You don’t need a formal degree like other industries. Instead, you will attend a CDL training program, get your CDL and get started within your career.

You won’t have to worry about student loan debt. You won’t have a manager micromanaging you. And you may not have a lot of interaction with your employer. In many instances, you will be communicating with the home office by way of CB radio or tablet. This allows you to go about your day without being tied down to a desk or being told how to run your route.

Laws and Regulations in North Dakota

Traffic laws are of the utmost importance to know backwards and forwards in North Dakota. If you acquire 12 points or more on your license at any time, you will have your license suspended. For how long will depend on how many points you actually have. Points can be obtained quickly, especially if you are found speeding on the highways.

In the winter, you will be permitted to use studded tires, but only during October 15 to April 15. The only exception is if you are driving a school bus. The law does not state rubber or metal, allowing you to choose. You may also be required to use snow chains in particular areas during the heavier winter storms that you encounter.

DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations also state that you must submit monthly reports to them. This ensures you are not working more than 70 hours in an 8 day in a row period as well as not driving more than 14 hours in a row behind the wheel. In some instances, an on-board recorder may be installed on your truck to submit a lot of this information to the DOT on your behalf.

Another federal law to be aware of is that interstate driving is only permitted if you are 21 years of age or older. Until that age is reached, you can only drive within state boundaries. You will also not be permitted to drive HAZMAT.

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North Dakota CDL Requirements

When you want to get a CDL in North Dakota, you will need to meet an array of requirements. This includes such things as:

  • Having a state ID
  • Passing a vision test
  • Passing a physical exam
  • Passing a CDL written exam
  • Passing a driving exam and pre-inspection of truck

Once you have a CDL, you can find many great CDL trucking jobs throughout the state. Explore your options by comparing what benefits each employer has to offer you so you can be satisfied in your career choice.

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