Finding different trucking jobs in Texas can be simple with JustTruckingJobs.com. Once you have a CDL, many employers will be looking to hire you – especially if you have a clean driving record.

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Benefits of a Trucking Career

A variety of benefits exist within a trucking career. You will not need a two-year degree or four-year degree. You will simply need to attend a CDL training program and obtain your CDL. Once you have those, you will be able to seek out employment with a variety of top employers involved in many different industries.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that the average trucking job in Texas pays $40,400 a year. This is one of the top paying states, allowing you to benefit from a great salary. You may also have the ability to increase your salary based upon the endorsements you have on your license, the experience you have on the road, as well as the employer you choose to work for.

Benefits also include the fact that you can choose a schedule that works best for your home life. If you want to be home at night and sleep in your own bed, you can choose a Monday through Friday schedule that is close to home. If you would rather be on the road more, there are schedules that not only have you on the roads of Texas but around the roads of the entire country.

A variety of industries are available in Texas. You can find career opportunities in government, general trucking, agriculture and much more. Each industry has a variety of pros, so you will want to make comparisons to see which ones are of the most importance to you and your overall goals.

Laws & Regulations in Texas

Traffic laws are important to follow – and there are a lot of them. The more you familiarize yourself with the laws, the easier it will be to avoid traffic citations. In Texas, citations include a fine as well as points on your license. You can have your license suspended with too many points. Your CDL may be suspended when your regular license is suspended, too, which is an important thing to remember even when you’re not driving your truck.

Of the many laws and regulations, you will also need to take note of the anti-idling laws. Throughout various parts of Texas, you will only be able to idle your truck for five minutes at a time. Should you need title for longer than that, you will need to look into a generator or APU to ensure you do not break any laws.

Various endorsements may be required on your CDL based upon what you are driving. Air brakes, tankers, HAZMAT and other driving conditions may require an endorsement. To get an endorsement, you will need to pay a fee to the DMV and take a test.

Additional regulations are federal, including DOT. This states what hours you can drive before taking a break as well as how many hours you can legally work in a workweek.

If you already have your CDL, learn about the driver positions available in your area. Use JustTruckingJobs.com to make your goal of finding a new job a reality!

CDL Requirements in Texas

When you wish to obtain your CDL, there are a variety of requirements you must meet. These include:

  • Being 18 years of age or older
  • Having a valid Texas driver’s license
  • Passing a vision exam
  • Passing a health exam
  • Taking and passing the written exam
  • Taking and passing the driving exam

The commercial driver’s license is what you need to obtain employment with the majority of employers throughout Texas. Once you have that, you will be able to seek a rewarding career as a trucker.

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