When you are interested in CDL trucking jobs in Washington, you will be relieved to know there are many different opportunities for you. All you need to access most of them are a CDL and a clean driving record.

Benefits of a Trucking Career

You will find many benefits to a trucking career. In addition to being able to get started without a two-year or four-year degree, you will find that the salary is significant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average annual salary for Washington truck drivers is $42,100. This is higher than the median salary for truckers around the nation – and you may even be able to increase your salary with more experience and more CDL endorsements.

In Washington, there are many metropolitan areas for you to choose from. You also have many industries to choose from including government, forestry, manufacturing and more. Because of all these options, you will be able to determine the schedule you want to work as well as the kind of truck you are most comfortable driving.

It will not cost you a lot of money to receive the necessary education for entering a trucking career. A CDL training program is not as expensive as a four-year university. This means that you will not have to worry about student loan debt like many other people involved in other industries.

Other benefits of a trucking career include the fact that you will not have to work in front of a computer and you will not be required to see your employer on a regular basis in many instances. Especially when you are on the road a lot, the only communication you may have with home office is by way of phone or text. As such, this can reduce a considerable amount of work stress.

Laws & Regulations in Washington

There are many ways for you to lose your CDL because of Washington traffic laws. Reasons to lose your license include eluding the police, racing, driving aggressively, driving under the influence of alcohol and being a repeat offender of various traffic laws, such as following too closely or speeding. If you lose your CDL, it could cost you your job and make it harder to find employment in the future.

In the winter months, it is likely that you will encounter snow and ice. Studded tires are permitted on the roads in the winter. Also, there will be instances where you may need snow chains, so you will want to make sure to pay attention to traffic advisories and make sure you have the chains on your truck at all times in the winter.

Federal regulations must also be followed. You will have to be 21 or older to drive hazardous materials as well as to cross state lines (interstate). Additionally, you will have to follow all Department of Transportation guidelines, which includes tracking the hours you work in a week and the hours you drive consecutively in a day.

CDL Requirements in Washington

A variety of CDL requirements exist when trying to obtain your CDL in Washington. You will need to show the following to the DMV:

  • Proof of being 18 or older
  • Health certificate
  • Valid Social Security card
  • Vision
  • Written
  • Driving

Once you have a commercial driver’s license, it will be easy to take advantage of the many job opportunities throughout the state. Focus on what each job has to offer and make some comparisons to ensure you choose a rewarding career within the trucking industry.

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