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Many CDL trucking jobs exist within West Virginia. Most of the employers out there are only looking for you to have a CDL, allowing you to get started in your career quickly. If you have experience in the trucking industry and want to find a new job, JustTruckingJobs.com can be your resource for moving your career forward.

Simply fill out your application on our site and use it to contact the companies with positions available in your area. We maintain direct relationships with large and small carriers across the nation who want skilled drivers on their team.

Benefits of a Trucking Career

You will be able to see the benefits of a trucking career, even before you start. You will only need a commercial driver’s license to get started. This means you can bypass a two-year or four-year college and avoid student loans.

In terms of salary, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that the annual earnings for a trucker in West Virginia is $34,410. While this is slightly lower than the national average for truckers, you may be able to increase your earnings with more CDL endorsements, working within different industries, and be willing to work longer hours throughout the week.

West Virginia has a relatively low cost of living and housing can be very affordable. This is another benefit to a trucking career within the state because you can keep more of your earnings to yourself throughout the year.

When you seek employment opportunities throughout the state, you will find many different industries to choose from. With more industries available to you, you will be able to find a career that offers a schedule you are happy with as well as a truck you are comfortable driving. If you would rather drive a tanker than an 18-wheeler (or vice versa), these opportunities are available because of the many employers in the state.

Additional benefits include how you conduct your day. You won’t be in an office and you likely won’t see a boss face to face on a daily basis. These little things can ensure you have more freedom throughout the workweek and can be a way to keep your stress levels at bay during the life of your career.

Laws & Regulations in West Virginia

Traffic laws are comprehensive in West Virginia. If you are caught breaking any of the laws, you could be fined and have points added to your license. What this means is that you could receive warnings and potentially experience a suspension if you get 12 points or more on your license. Points are issued for reckless driving, speeding, improper turning, littering and much more.

Throughout the state, you may experience snow and ice in the winter. To ensure you have the necessary traction to keep your car on the road, you will be able to use studded tires, though only during certain months. In the mountainous areas, you may also be permitted to use snow chains, but only when the weather is severe.

You do not have anti-idling laws to worry about in West Virginia, though you will be required to abide by them if you do any interstate driving. Further, you will not be able to do any interstate driving until you reach the age of 21.

Don’t wait to apply for the driving position that you want. Use JustTruckingJobs.com to hit the road and move ahead!

CDL Requirements in West Virginia

When you wish to obtain your CDL, you must meet several requirements in West Virginia. When you visit the DMV, be prepared to show the following:

  • Proof of being 18 or older
  • Valid West Virginia driver’s license
  • Vision
  • CDL skills
  • CDL driving

Obtaining your CDL is critical when you want to explore the different CDL trucking jobs in West Virginia. If you take the time to compare what each employer has to offer, you can quickly find a job that will provide you a significant amount of satisfaction throughout your career.

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