Companies Hiring Owner Operator Drivers

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Working as an Owner-operator in the Trucking Industry

Owner-operators are business owners as well as truck drivers. They not only drive the truck and deliver loads, but also take care of the financial aspects of running a business. Owner-operators generally bring in significantly more income than company drivers for hauling the same loads, but they are also responsible for overhead such as fuel, insurance, permits and taxes.

One of the main benefits of being an owner-operator is that you have more control over your truck, including loads, routing and home time. Your truck is yours and it goes with you no matter what company you are hauling loads for. Owner-operators have much more control over their schedules than company drivers have.

What to Expect as an Owner-Operator

There are many ways to improve your business and make more money as an owner-operator. One of the best things you can do is hire an accountant to manage your business. Be sure to find one that is knowledgeable about the trucking industry. Accurate record keeping is very important, as even a minor mistake may cost you hundreds of dollars.

Using a GPS unit to find the most efficient route to reach your destination is also a good idea. Driving efficiently is the best way to maximize your fuel economy and make sure that you are paid for every mile you drive. Owner-operators pay for their own fuel, so efficiency is especially important. Make sure you choose a GPS that is designed for trucking so that you don't end up trapped in a residential area.

Honing your negotiating skills will benefit you in many ways as an owner-operator. Not only do you have the ability to negotiate the price you are paid to haul a load, but you can also use your skills to negotiate lower prices for insurance, repairs, cell phone service and everything else you spend money on as a business owner.

Transitioning From Company Driver to Owner-Operator

Making the transition from company driver to owner-operator doesn't have to be difficult. Some companies make it especially easy to transition by offering their drivers the option to lease the same type of truck that they have been driving and make monthly payments on the truck until it is paid off. The company may also offer discounts on insurance and fuel. This is the easiest way to transition from company driver to owner-operator. You will be dispatched by the same people and are likely to haul the same loads as you haul as a company driver.

You can quit your job as a company driver and purchase your own truck without going through a company. This is a great option for drivers who are very independent and want to have a lot of control over their schedule and the loads they haul. It is common for drivers who purchase their own trucks to lease their truck to a company and use that company's trailers to haul loads. Some companies provide fuel surcharges and other benefits. It's smart to get details from several companies before deciding which one is best for you.

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