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Alaska Trucking Jobs

Let's Get You Driving Towards Success in Alaska!

Alaska is one of the most remotely populated states in the country, and it's prone to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Together, these reasons demonstrate why truck driving is such a promising industry in Alaska. Truck drivers in this state are responsible for transporting shipped-in goods to rural communities and transporting the state's exports to shipping facilities. There are many prominent trucking companies in this state, including Riverside Transport, Logistics Recruitment, and Fancy Trucking. We have complete listings of trucking jobs available in Alaska right now! Scroll down to view them all.

When you begin applying for CDL jobs, you may find that local employers offer numerous benefits to their employees. Jobs in trucking may offer retirement plans, layover pay for those that become over-the-road drivers, and weekly pay. Insurance is a common benefit provided by trucking companies, so you may receive health, medical, dental, and life insurance as part of your benefits package.

It's important to think about what type of truck jobs you're interested in, as this will determine the course of your education and training. Local and dedicated drivers may spend the least amount of time away from home; they often return home on a nightly basis. Regional drivers may spend one or two nights away from home per trip. Those who drive over-the-road may be away from home for up to two weeks.

Requirements and Career Outlook for Truckers in Alaska

No matter where you live in the state of Alaska, you can earn or renew your commercial driver's license at the local branch of the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles.

The process of getting a Class A license in Alaska begins with a written test, which tests your knowledge of Alaska driving laws and your technical knowledge of the type of truck you will drive. You can then pay a $100 license fee and a $25 test fee to the DMV. This allows you to take your road test. When you pass the pre-trip inspection, the off-road skills exam, and the on-the-road test, you can get your CDL.

You may choose to apply for additional endorsements or your employer may require you to complete an endorsement. In Alaska, most endorsements only require a written test. Passenger and school bus endorsements require an additional skills test.

One of the benefits of working as a truck driver in Alaska is the high salary range. The median income for an Alaska truck driver is $52,300 per year, which is almost $13,000 higher than the national average (O*Net, 2015).

Browse through the trucking companies hiring in Alaska listed below to find the one that is right for you!

Building Your Trucking Career

One of the biggest advantages of starting a truck driving career in Alaska is the strength of the state's trucking industry. Petroleum News reports that trucking jobs in Alaska remain plentiful, despite new regulatory limits. They comment on the diversity of the trucking industry in Alaska, which includes railroad corporations, infrastructure support companies, and small local trucking companies. This may give you freedom to explore your career options and work for many different carriers.

Because trucking can be a solitary occupation, many experts recommend networking and building connections whenever possible. The Alaska Trucking Association helps truck drivers network with leaders in the industry through seminars, conferences, and job listings. The organization also helps drivers decipher their contracts, stay compliant with Alaska driving laws, and find out about current road conditions. Members can get the forms they need for renewal, check out materials on the truck driving industry, and look into training opportunities. To take advantage of all the trucking industry has to offer, take a look at our company listings below to find out what opportunities are near you!

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