Alabama Truck Driving Jobs - CDL

Alabama Trucking Jobs

Get Back on the Road in Alabama!

If you're looking for a job that can provide job security and the potential to earn a great salary, a truck driving career in Alabama may be the next step for you. We have complete listings of job opportunities for truckers below. This state is home to many prominent trucking companies, including Western Express, Con-Way Regional, and Schneider.

You may be able to take advantage of many benefits with Alabama trucking jobs. Many employers in this state have a flexible passenger plan, permitting you to travel with a loved one or pet if you want company on the road. Others offer bonuses to drivers that demonstrate their ability to drive safely and avoid accidents. Trucking jobs in Alabama often offer insurance benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, and dental insurance.

There are several types of driving jobs in Alabama. Local drivers drive only within the city or the immediate area, allowing them to return home every night. If you decide to become a regional driver, you may travel short distances that require you to stay overnight in another city before returning home. Over-the-road drivers, who may drive to other parts of the country, may spend weeks away from home. If you like predictability, look into a dedicated route. Dedicated drivers drive the same route every day that they work.

Requirements and Job Forecast

Whether you need to get your first commercial driver's license or renew your existing license, you can go through the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

As is the case in other states, Alabama requires you to take a written test for each endorsement you want to add to your license. Once you have passed your written test, you can either take the skills test right away or get a learner's permit and practice driving. Either way, you have to take a skills test before you are administered your full CDL.

There are five endorsements you may add to your Alabama license. They include double/triple trailers, hazardous materials, passenger, tank vehicle, and school bus. The endorsement for hazardous materials requires a federal background check and fingerprints.

In Alabama, truck drivers earn a wide range of salaries, depending on location and experience. According to O*Net, the average salary for an Alabama tractor-trailer driver is $37,600 per year. Adding endorsements to your license may allow you to land a more lucrative salary, especially if you have a Class A license.

Check out the company listings below to find a carrier hiring truck drivers in Alabama!

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