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Becoming a truck driver may provide you with the freedom to travel around the country, help you increase your earning potential, and offer a good deal of job security. This is especially true in Arizona, where truck drivers are needed to drive through the many desert and rural areas of the state. There are four main types of truck driving jobs to consider:

  • Over-the-road: OTR drivers may spend up to two weeks away from home on a trip. These drivers are often in very high demand.
  • Regional: Regional truck driving jobs in Arizona may require you to drive to a nearby state or just other Arizona cities. Most regional drivers only spend one or two nights away from home on trips.
  • Local: Local drivers drive only within their city and return home every night. These jobs may be harder to come by, since they are highly desired by many truck drivers.
  • Dedicated: Dedicated truck drivers drive one route, day in and day out, for the duration of their career or until the route is no longer needed.

Local trucking companies, like Heartland Express, Schneider, and Western Express, offer many benefits to drivers. Some companies optimize their routes to allow their drivers to spend as much time at home as possible. Others offer higher pay to drivers to ensure good service and safe driving. Several companies offer sign-on bonuses to individual drivers or driving teams.

Requirements for Arizona Truckers and Career Outlook

Before you can begin driving commercial vehicles in Arizona, you must get your commercial driver's license from the nearest Arizona Department of Transportationbranch to schedule your CDL tests.

Arizona is one of many states that requires drivers to get an instruction permit before taking a road test. You take the written tests that are required for your chosen license class and endorsements you have selected. Upon passing these exams, you get an instruction permit that you can use to get experience. You must take your final skills test within six months of getting your instruction permit, or you must reapply for your instruction permit.

Written tests are required in Arizona for each of the optional endorsements. You must submit to fingerprinting and a federal background check if you want a hazardous materials endorsement.

Generally speaking, truck driving salaries in Arizona are close to national averages. The median income for an Arizona truck driver is $38,600 per year (O*Net, 2015). There are several ways that you can possibly increase your earning potential, including applying for endorsements and taking on OTR hauls.

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