Connecticut Truck Driving Jobs - CDL

Connecticut Trucking Jobs

The Jobs Picture for Truckers in Connecticut

Whether you're still working on getting your CDL or you're just looking for the best way to use your commercial driver's license in Connecticut, there may be lots of job opportunities for you to consider! Connecticut is home to a number of prominent trucking companies, including Heartland Express, Fancy Trucking, and Covenant Transport. Scroll down to use our directory of job listings below. We can help you contact several leading companies who are hiring today!

Truck driving jobs in Connecticut may provide many employment benefits to attract and retain skilled, trained drivers. If you have the abilities they're looking for, trucking companies in Connecticut may offer extra pay for Hazmat-endorsed drivers, holiday pay, high per-mile pay, and regular trips home. Of course, the benefits and pay you receive depend on what type of trucking jobs you're interested in. These are the four main types of hauls you may be responsible for:

  • Local: Local drivers stick to their city and neighboring areas, permitting them to return home after work every day.
  • Regional: As a regional driver, you may drive to nearby states and cities. This type of job often involves spending one or two nights away from home for each trip.
  • Over-the-road: OTR truck driving jobs involve spending one to three weeks away from home on long trips.
  • Dedicated: If you want to drive the same route on a daily basis, a dedicated route may be an option for you!

Requirements and Job Forecast for Truckers

The need for skilled truck drivers is growing all over the country, but you need a commercial driver's license to take advantage of this opportunity. Through the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, you can apply for your commercial driver's license. For most drivers, this involves attending a truck driving course and getting experience with the theory and practice of truck driving.

When you have studied and practiced enough to feel confident, you can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and apply for your license. First, you take a written test. After passing that, you take a three-part skills test. With all of the testing behind you, you can apply for your CDL.

You may choose to add endorsements to your license to increase the types and amount of work you can do. Options include double/triple trailer, passenger, school bus, and tank vehicles.

Working in Connecticut may give you the chance to earn a competitive salary. According to O*Net, the average salary for a Connecticut tractor-trailer driver is $45,300 per year. This is almost $6000 above the national average (O*Net, 2015).

The trucking industry is growing day by day. Request information from any of the carriers listed below for more information about the Connecticut tractor trailer driving requirements.

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