District of Columbia Truck Driving Jobs - CDL

Truck Driving in the District of Columbia

Truck driving is a huge industry in the United States, so safe and dedicated drivers are needed in all parts of the country. However, in areas like the District of Columbia, its even more important for companies to have safe and experienced drivers. Traffic and congestion mean that drivers in this region must be ready to react quickly and work safely in many different conditions. To start your trucking career in the District of Columbia, you may choose from a variety of different trucking companies. Check out local employers below and start applying for jobs that interest you! Employers in the Washington D.C. area may have many types of job openings. Consider these popular options:
  • If you apply for local jobs, you may drive within your city and return home after your shift each day.
  • Regional jobs may require a few nights away from home per trip. These jobs may take you to nearby states but keep you in the same part of the country.
  • If you are willing to drive long hauls, consider over-the-road jobs. Trips may last between several days and three weeks.
  • Dedicated routes involve driving for the same customer and driving the same routes every shift.

  • Washington, DC Requirements for Truck Drivers

    Truck driving is an essential part of the economy of the United States, and that includes the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia hires drivers who can easily navigate busy streets, safely complete trips to other parts of the country, and abide by all federal and local driving laws.

    Although Washington DC is not technically a state, it does it still have its own licensing agency. The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles can get you set up with a CDL that allows you to start trucking career in Washington DC. As is the case in any other part of the country, you must go through a set of written and practical tests to qualify for a CDL. It's likely that you will need an interstate license to qualify for Washington DC jobs, since very few jobs keep you within the borders of Washington DC.

    As a Washington DC driver, you can benefit from the region's promising salary range. Tractor-trailer drivers in this area report a median salary of $48,200 per year (O*Net, 2015).

    Your next job is waiting for you - find it now with our list of Washington DC truck driving jobs.

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