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Delaware Trucking Jobs

Finding Truck Driving Jobs in Delaware

We want to help you find your next job in the Delaware trucking industry. Use our list below to get started! If you have a CDL or are planning on earning your commercial driver's license in Delaware, you may be wondering what type of jobs are available for those with commercial licenses! New England is a major part of the country's trucking industry, thanks to the many goods that the region imports and exports. Truckers who are willing to drive to different states or parts of the country may be able to find a variety of jobs in trucking. There are four main types of jobs, although the jobs open to you may depend on your license class and experience:

  • Over-the-road: Often requires a Class A driver's license; involves driving to other states or other regions and spending several weeks on the road at a time
  • Regional: May also require a Class A license; involves spending one to three nights away from home per trip
  • Local: Trucking companies may hire local drivers with Class A or Class B licenses. Local jobs keep you in or near your city.
  • Dedicated: Dedicates routes permit drivers to drive the same route on every trip.

There are many large trucking companies in Delaware that may be hiring for different truck driving positions, including Logistics Recruitment, Schneider, and NAPA Transportation. As a trucker, you may be able to claim employee benefits like reimbursement for education expenses, bonus pay for difficult trips, and 401K matching.

Requirements and Career Outlook for Delaware Trucking Professionals

When you become a truck driver in Delaware, you can take on jobs that take you throughout the state or throughout the country. The first step, however, is getting your commercial driver's license. The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles oversees the licensing process for all aspiring and experienced commercial drivers.

Prior to getting your license, you must go to the DMV and pass the required written test to get your learner's permit. With your learner's permit, you can learn how to drive a truck under the supervision of a licensed driver. After you have obtained enough experience, return to the DMV and take your skills test. This rigorous three-part test allows you to become a licensed commercial driver.

Some of the endorsements that are available to Delaware drivers include hazardous materials, double/triple trailers, passenger, and tank vehicle. Plan on meeting additional testing requirements to get an endorsement.

Driving a tractor-trailer may boost your income potential significantly, especially if you qualify for extra endorsements. O*Net claims that the median salary for a tractor-trailer driver in this state is $41,100 per year.

You can check out the company listings below to find a trucking company hiring CDL A drivers in Delaware!

As the transportation industry continues to expand, the need for Delaware truck drivers may continue to grow.

Check out the company listings below to find a trucking company hiring CDL A drivers in Delaware!

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