Delaware Trucking Jobs - Owner Operators

Delaware Owner Operator Trucking Jobs

Are you confident in your truck driving skills and your understanding of this industry as a whole? If you are, learn more about the opportunities that you may enjoy as an owner-operator who works with truck driving companies in Delaware.

You can discover what local companies need and what they offer owner-operators by applying for owner-operator jobs in Delaware below.

Delaware has a very stable truck driving industry, which may be beneficial to you as you try to make your mark as a business owner and driver. A 12% jump in job openings indicates a growing need for truck drivers throughout the state (O*Net, 2012). Currently, the average salary for a tractor-trailer driver in Delaware is $41,100 per year, a figure that is slightly higher than the national average (O*Net, 2014).

  • HAZMAT endorsement
  • Tanker endorsement
  • Refrigerated truck

Not everyone has these endorsements and truck features, therefore it may entitle you to earn a little bit more than the average owner operator. It's critical that you think of these things prior to going in search of a job.

Remember as an owner operator in the state, you will be required to maintain your own DOT records. This includes monitoring how many hours you work nonstop behind the wheel as well as how many hours you work within a workweek.

When you look at owner operator jobs in Delaware, you also have to think about weather conditions. There are some roads that can be difficult to drive in during the winter with snow and ice. As a result, the more familiar you are with the roads, the easier it will be to maintain normal delivery schedules.

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