Hawaii Trucking Jobs - Owner Operators

Owner Operator Jobs in Hawaii

Truck drivers play a big role in the success of Hawaii's economy, which means that this may be the perfect chance to advance your career. Owner-operators get the benefits of business ownership and truck ownership along with the benefits of steady employment through a company. With many owner operator jobs in Hawaii, you need to know of your options. Driving in Hawaii may seem like paradise, but you have to remember there are many islands - which can equal a lot of gas mileage on your truck. You will need a commercial driver's license and a truck with features designed for the industry you want to drive in.

If you are interested in owner-operator employment opportunities in Hawaii, look through our Hawaii owner-operator jobs listed below. You may also want to investigate the following factors that may influence your ability to get hired:

  • Endorsements on license
  • Features on truck
  • Availability throughout the week

When you are able to drive longer hours, it may allow you to take on more jobs. You won't have to worry about interstate driving, so that is one added benefit of working in the state. You will also be required to maintain federal DOT regulations, which means watching the number of hours you work consecutively and in a 7 day period.

As an owner operator in Hawaii, you will be responsible for everything. You must maintain your truck, keep it fueled, submit DOT records and do everything else. While you might have to do more, the pay is higher because of these added responsibilities.

The amount of growth in this industry may inspire you to take this next step in your career. By the year 2022, O*Net expects to see a 16% increase in tractor-trailer driving jobs, a growth rate that exceeds the national average by 5%. Salaries differ quite a bit throughout the state, but the average salary for a Hawaii truck driver is $43,000 per year (O*Net, 2014).

When you work for yourself, you have more to do, but you may also enjoy higher pay. You will also get to choose the industry you want to be involved in. Consider food manufacturing, produce, vegetation, government and various other industries first before you invest in a truck.

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