Illinois Trucking Jobs - Owner Operators

Owner Operator Jobs in Illinois

As an owner operator truck driver, you probably know that career success may vary from state to state. The trucking industry of Illinois is known for having a range of opportunities for drivers who are willing to work hard. If you want to see what else is out there besides company driving, it may be the right time in your career to become an owner-operator in Illinois.

You can see just how many opportunities Illinois owner-operators have; check out our Illinois owner-operator job listings below.

Overall, job growth in Illinois slightly exceeds the national average. Per O*Net, Illinois job openings may increase by 13% until the year 2022, compared to a national growth rate of 11%. Salaries for truck drivers tend to be a bit higher in Illinois than in many other Midwestern states. The average salary for an Illinois truck driver is $42,400 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Rules And Regulations Specific To Illinois Owner Operator Truck Drivers

  • Drivers Must Have A CDL License.
  • Diesel Idling Fine Increase In Chicago. In Chicago, IL, the cost of a fine for being caught idling a diesel engine for 10 minutes or longer has increased from $50 to 150 for a first offense, and from $90 to $500 on a second offense.
  • No Texting While Driving. It is illegal to text while driving a semi truck in Illinois. Texting and driving a semi truck is considered to be a serious moving violation.

As an owner operator truck driver, you probably love the freedom that comes from life spent on the highways and byways of America. Before you decide to base your truck driving career out of a specific state, though, it is important that you understand the valuable information each state has about owner operator truck drivers. In case you were wondering about the rules and salary expectations for an owner operator truck driver in Illinois, the above listed information should help answer a few of your questions.

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