Indiana Truck Driving Jobs - CDL

Indiana Trucking Jobs

Ready to Start Driving in Indiana?

Whether you live in one of Indiana's large cities or one of the state's numerous rural areas, truck driving jobs may be a viable option for you. This state has locations for many major trucking companies, including Butler Transport, Western Express, and Fancy Trucking. If you're ready to apply for new trucking jobs today, use the listings below to start your search!

As you explore different trucking companies, you may find that there are different types of CDL jobs at each carrier:

  • Over-the-road: Long-haul trips usually last at least one week and up to three weeks. You may earn more as an OTR driver in exchange for this sacrifice.
  • Regional: A regional job is slightly less demanding than an OTR job, but you may still spend a couple nights away from home per trip.
  • Local: Local jobs, which may be harder to come by, permit you to go home on a nightly basis.
  • Dedicated: On a dedicated route, you can make the same trip many times over throughout the course of your career.

Benefits vary from carrier to carrier. As you apply for trucking jobs, you may find employers that offer bonus pay for long trips, retirement programs, regular hours available, and safety bonus pay.

Job Requirements and Career Outlook for Indiana Truckers

As a convenient stop for Midwestern and Southern truck routes, Indiana is one of many states that has a growing demand for truck drivers. If you already have a commercial driver's license for this state, you can move right on to looking for your first or next job. If you do not yet have a valid license, make a stop at the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Before going through the final licensing process, you must get a learner's permit. This involves passing your Class A test and any exams related to your chosen endorsements. Indiana endorsements include passenger, air brakes, combination vehicle, tanker, and hazardous materials.

When you are thoroughly skilled as a driver, go back and take your skills test. Getting a passing score on this exam allows you to obtain your commercial license and begin working.

Indiana trucking salaries tend to be in line with Midwestern and national averages. O*Net reports that the average salary for an Indiana tractor-trailer driver is $39,400 per year.

If you are ready to start getting paid for the miles you drive, begin applying for Indiana truck driving jobs below.

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