Kansas Trucking Jobs - Owner Operators

Owner Operator Jobs in Kansas

Owner operator jobs in Kansas refer to owning and operating your own commercial truck. There are many industries in Kansas that rely on trucks for transportation of goods from one location to another. When you own your own truck, you are in control of the industry you work in as well as what you can earn.

As a Kansas truck driver, you may be interested in expanding your client base, exploring a greater variety of routes, or setting your own driving schedule. If you are ready to take the next step in your career and start owning a tractor-trailer, being an owner-operator may be just what you need to get to the next level.

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You will have to contend with the weather in Kansas while you're on the roads. This can include snow in the winter as well as tornadoes and strong winds in the spring and summer. Depending upon where you are going, you will need to know about alternate routes to avoid the bad weather and make your deliveries on time.

When you are an owner operator in Kansas, you will be responsible for a lot. You will likely find yourself taking care of:

  • DOT reports
  • Fuel costs
  • Truck maintenance
  • Dispatch reports
  • Route calculations

Many people decide to take this step in their career because of the freedom it offers. You may be able to set your own schedule and rates. Overall, the average salary for a tractor-trailer driver in Kansas is $38,800 per year (O*Net, 2014). By the year 2022, O*Net predicts a 12% increase in Kansas driving jobs.

The industry you decide to work in will ultimately control the features that you will need on your truck. For example, if you wish to drive in the meat packing industry, then you will need a refrigerated truck. If you want to work in the livestock industry, then you will need a specific trailer outfitted for the livestock that you will be transporting.

The options you have as an owner operator are significant. Contact the companies below to learn more about your options for trucking in Kansas.

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