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Owner Operator Jobs in Louisiana

When you think about how much Louisiana's economy relies on truck drivers, you may decide that this is the perfect time to explore your opportunities as an owner-operator. Many of the state's largest industries, including fishing, tourism, and manufactured goods, need truck drivers who can safely transport items in a timely manner.

Multiple companies offer owner operator jobs in Louisiana. Find out what options you have by applying for the owner-operator trucking jobs in Louisiana that are listed below.

According to industry publications, ongoing structural improvements hope to make interstate travel a more pleasurable experience. Structural damage caused by Hurricane Katrina created many unsafe conditions. Improvements started in 2008 upgraded some bridges and roads, but there is still a long way to go.

Guidelines made to ensure driver and community safety include the following:

  • Drivers cannot transport hazardous, flammable, oversized and overweight loads through any of Louisiana's tunnels.
  • Drivers who ignore bridge weight requirements receive a minimum $100 USD fine. The difference between posted weight limitations and actual truck weight dictates final ticket amounts.
  • Trucks cannot transport loads measuring more than 16 feet wide on Louisiana interstates.
  • Transport of certain load types can only occur during daytime hours.
  • In-climate weather or holidays can affect the transport schedule of certain load types in Louisiana.
  • Local authorities have specific exemptions in place for select cargo including rice and logs.

The Truck Permit Office at the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development provides additional state requirement information to drivers 24 hours a day.

Job search engines reveal plenty of job availability for Louisiana owner operators. Regional and local companies offer flexibility to those hoping to see the nation, or drivers who want to sleep in their own beds at night. Working as an owner-operator may allow you to enjoy a wider range of salaries. The average salary for a Louisiana truck driver is $36,800 per year, and the highest-paid drivers in this state earn more than $57,700 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Job openings in the state are expected to increase 14% between 2012 and 2022, according to O*Net.

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