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Owner Operator Jobs in Maine

Perhaps you have spent years driving for Maine trucking companies or maybe you are getting ready to take the first step in your career as a New England truck driver. No matter what has brought you to working as an owner-operator, you can explore your options and find out which Maine trucking companies hire dedicated owner-operators.

Our list of owner-operator trucking jobs in Maine makes it easy to find the right position for you. Just check out our list below and start applying.

Truck driving in Maine carries its own set of concerns, from harsh winter weather to adverse driving conditions caused by major storms. But for those who can stay on the road and get the miles, the pay can be rewarding. Many company drivers dream of becoming owner operators. But what are the real advantages to becoming an owner operator in Maine?

First, those considering becoming owner operators in Maine have a special issue to consider. In 2010, a program which had allowed trucks to carry up to 100,000 pounds on select interstate highways expired, lowering the limit back to 80,000 pounds. By decreasing the amount of weight a driver can haul, these regulations also lower the amount of money an owner operator can earn per mile.

Because of this, many drivers may choose to continue working for a company where they can be guaranteed a set wage per mile driven or hour on the road. Besides that, most seasoned drivers will advise new drivers to learn the ropes for a year or so under employment with a large carrier before moving into an owner operator situation because the first year will bring most new drivers over a critical learning curve.

You may find that the trucking industry in Maine is relatively stable, since O*Net does not expect a significant change in job openings through 2022. Your income potential may grow as you gain experience; the current average salary for a Maine truck driver is $35,700 per year (O*Net, 2014).

There are a host of benefits to owning and operating a diesel truck in Maine. With every potential benefit, though, there also lies a possible drawback. Owner operators in Maine enjoy the freedom of owning their own business and the ability to make their own decisions about what loads to take and how to get there. But financially, an owner operator is on the hook for quite a bit more than a company driver.

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