Michigan Truck Driving Jobs - CDL

Michigan Trucking Jobs

There are many different truck driving jobs in Michigan to explore. With the various industries and employers, there are opportunities for everyone who has a commercial driver's license. A number of requirements must be met to get the license, including passing a written and driving exam.

The state of Michigan's average salary for truck drivers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $40,040. This is higher than the national average for the country. Those employed as truck drivers may find it easy to obtain higher than the average with more experience as well as additional endorsements on the license. Being qualified to drive HAZMAT may also result in higher pay because of the risks involved with such transport.

Some of the rules of the road in Michigan are different from other states. Such laws include:

  • Never passing other vehicles in the same direction at intersections
  • Keep three truck lengths behind the vehicle in front of the truck

There are many laws that must be followed and these will be covered in the CDL manual for the state as well as any class for commercial driver's licenses. When a driver has more experience, it can give employers more confidence that they are familiar with the rules of the road.

Truck drivers may also be required to work additional roles beyond driving the truck. Some truckers may be required to maintain their own vehicles, load and unload cargo and much more. Positions vary but to be considered for any of them, a CDL is required.

You may want to spend some time thinking about different truck driving jobs and which options are best for your lifestyle. At many companies, over-the-road trucking jobs are plentiful. These jobs can require sacrifice, as most trips last one week or more. Regional jobs don't require such long hauls; most drivers only spend one to two nights away from home per trip. Local jobs may be limited to your city and nearby cities. If you get a dedicated driving route, you may drive the same route every shift.

Trucking jobs in Michigan may come with a number of benefits. Benefits commonly offered by Michigan employers include extra mileage pay for long trips or Hazmat trips. In addition to regular insurance offerings, like health and dental insurance, some carriers offer life insurance.

Career Potential for Michigan Truckers

Just like many other career fields, truck driving has its own requirements and standards for those that want to get a foothold in the industry. When you complete your truck driving training, you can apply for a license through the Michigan Secretary of State office. At minimum, you'll need to pass a written test and a skills test. Any additional endorsements you want to add to your license will require additional examination:

  • Double or triple trailers
  • Passenger
  • Tank
  • Hazardous materials
  • School bus
  • Tank and hazardous materials
  • You may have to drive with restrictions on your license, depending on the type of license you have:

  • Air brakes restriction
  • Passengers only in Class B or C vehicles
  • Passengers only in Class C vehicles
  • The national job outlook is generally positive for truck drivers.O*Net anticipates a 4% increase in light CDL jobs between 2012 and 2022. During this time period, an 11% increase in heavy truck driving jobs is expected (O*Net, 2012).

    Salaries for truck driving professionals in Michigan vary from person to person, so the amount of money you earn may depend on what type of license you have and which jobs in trucking you apply for. Light truck drivers earn an average of $27,700 per year, according to O*Net. Those who drive heavy trucks have a median salary of $37,500 per year in Michigan (O*Net, 2013).

    Getting Started with a Trucking Job in Michigan

    There's a lot to know about the trucking industry, and it can be overwhelming to try to learn everything at once! Luckily, there are resources in Michigan designed to help drivers learn about this growing field. The Michigan Trucking Association is widely considered the largest trucking organization in Michigan. They host the Michigan Center for Decision Driving, a tool that helps working truck drivers develop their driving techniques and test their skills in a variety of settings. Members of this group can also get their vehicle inspected, learn about legislative updates in the world of trucking, and network with others in this job.

    Because of the looming driver shortage in Michigan, you may be able to build a great career for yourself. MiBiz notes that manufacturing activity is on the rise in West Michigan, leading to an increased need for trucking services. However, companies are struggling to keep up with demand.

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