Nebraska Truck Driving Jobs - CDL

Trucking Jobs in Nebraska

With so many truck driving jobs in Nebraska, it's important to understand the qualifications as well as the ways to become employed. The main qualification in Nebraska is to have a CDL, with either a Class A, or B designation. This will have to do with the type of vehicle being driven.

The classifications for the various classes are determined by the gross vehicle weight rating, whether 16 or more passengers are being carried or if there is any hazardous materials being transported. The minimum age to drive is 18, though the minimum age to drive intrastate is 21.

With its focus on agriculture and manufacturing, it should come as no surprise that the state of Nebraska has an established, stable truck driving industry. Whether you want to drive between Nebraska cities, take loads to nearby Midwestern states, or take long hauls across the country, it's likely that Nebraska companies have an open position for you.

As long as you are established in Nebraska, you'll need to maintain your commercial driver's license with the Nebraska Official Department of Motor Vehicles. The process is quite simple in Nebraska. Once you have prepared adequately for all required exams, you can take a written test at the DMV. If you pass this, you can take your skills test at the same location or at a third-party examiner. Keep in mind that adding endorsements to your license, such as double or triple trailer, requires additional testing.

You may be able to earn a competitive salary as a Nebraska truck driver. The median income for a tractor-trailer driver in Nebraska is $41,700 per year (O*Net, 2015).

Use our Nebraska job listings below to start applying for jobs that interest you!

The Nebraska Trucking Association is a popular resource for truckers in this state. Members can learn about the trucking economy, attend safety events that help them avoid infractions and inspection violations, and participate in committees. Networking is a major part of this field! Joining a local association can give you the chance to learn from other drivers and leaders in the trucking industry.

The trucking field can offer a variety of great career opportunities. Use our job listings to find carriers with competitive benefits today!

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