Nebraska Trucking Jobs - Owner Operators

Nebraska Owner Operator Trucking Jobs

With its focus on agriculture and manufacturing, it should come as no surprise that the state of Nebraska has an established, stable truck driving industry. Whether you want to drive between Nebraska cities, take loads to nearby Midwestern states, or take long hauls across the country, it is likely that Nebraska companies have an open position for you.

As long as you are established in Nebraska, you'll need to maintain your commercial driver's license with the Nebraska Official Department of Motor Vehicles. The process is quite simple in Nebraska. Once you have prepared adequately for all required exams, you can take a written test at the DMV. If you pass this, you can take your skills test at the same location or at a third-party examiner. Keep in mind that adding endorsements to your license, such as double or triple trailer, requires additional testing.

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Various factors can lead to earning more as a truck driver in Nebraska. This includes such things as:

  • Features on the truck (ie. Large trailer, refrigerated trailer, etc.)
  • Endorsements on license (HAZMAT, passenger)
  • Ability/desire to work longer hours

You will be in charge of all details as an owner operator, too. This means that you will be responsible for the upkeep of your truck, submitting time records into the Nebraska DOT and much more.

Many industries exist in Nebraska that afford you opportunities. You can work in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, general trucking industries or even as a contractor with the government. Every industry has different requirements, so it can be advantageous to figure out the demands of each industry and determine where you want to work before buying a specific kind of truck.

Explore your many options and then take control of your career with an owner operator trucking job in Nebraska.

Owner Operator Trucking Jobs in Nebraska

Your role as an owner-operator may be the key to building a long-lasting and rewarding career as a Nebraska truck driver. Whether you are interested in local, regional, or OTR jobs, you may be able to search Nebraska employers for routes and positions that are open to owner-operators.

Nebraska's trucking industry relies on dependable, safe, and experienced drivers. Find out what positions you qualify for by applying for Nebraska owner-operator jobs below.

Overall, the job outlook in Nebraska is positive. This may give you some flexibility in which routes and clients you accept as part of your business. Through the year 2022, a 17% increase in job openings is expected in Nebraska. The median income for a tractor-trailer driver in Nebraska is $41,700 per year (O*Net, 2015).

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