New Jersey Trucking Jobs - Owner Operators

New Jersey Owner-Operator Trucking Jobs

With its convenient location that makes it a stopping point for the East Coast and New England truck driving routes, New Jersey is one of many states that has really felt the effects of the truck driver shortage. If you are ready to put your safe driving skills to use in your career, a New Jersey job could be the ideal choice for you.

To become a professional driver in New Jersey, you must apply for your license at the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. You first pass a physical health exam and get your CDL permit. You may then take your written and skills tests when you feel adequately prepared. Passing scores on all exams allow you to get your CDL.

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When you are the owner-operator as opposed to driving a truck for someone else, you will earn more. Part of earning more means more responsibilities, however. You will be responsible for such things as: Truck maintenance, Fuel costs, and DOT record keeping. Owner-operators are also getting more work because companies are looking to contract as opposed to managing their own fleet.

Owner-Operator Careers in New Jersey

Trucking employers in New Jersey have a unique set of needs. Experienced drivers who can safely navigate traffic and finish complicated routes in a timely manner are indispensable to trucking employers. As an owner-operator, you may be able to take on some of these routes.

In this career, you may find that you can enjoy a great earning potential just by landing new clients or changing up your schedule. O*Net claims that truck drivers in New Jersey earn a median income of $45,200 per year. They estimate that New Jersey trucking jobs may increase by 18% through 2022 (O*Net, 2015).

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