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Truck Driving Jobs in in Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the country, but it's a prominent part of the nation's trucking industry. Many important New England routes and highways run through Rhode Island, leading many trucking companies to set up shop in Rhode Island. Scroll below to view a list of carriers looking for quality drivers in Rhode Island. Since we have relationships with all these carriers, you can apply directly from our site!

Some of the area's major employers include Melton Truck Lines, Schneider, and Fancy Trucking. Many of these companies are experiencing significant driver shortages, leading them to look for more drivers for truck jobs. Local employers may be hiring people for many trucking jobs, including:

  • Dedicated jobs: Many companies require the same route to be driven every day, and they may hire one driver to take on a regular route.
  • Over-the-road trucking jobs: OTR jobs tend to be difficult to fill, since they require drivers to spend long periods of time on the road.
  • Regional jobs: With a regional job, you may stay in Rhode Island or in the immediate area. With these jobs, you may spend one to three days on the road per trip.
  • Local jobs: A popular choice for drivers, local jobs give you the freedom to go home every night.

With truck driving jobs in Rhode Island, you'll likely receive several different benefits as part of your employment. Different trucking companies may offer health insurance, tuition reimbursement, fuel discounts, and higher pay for long trips.

Job Requirements & Salary Expectations for Truckers in Rhode Island

Every state within the United States contributes their own materials, manufactured goods, and other products to the national economy. Rhode Island, a state whose economy is based a lot on interstate trade, has a solid trucking industry because of this fact. Whether you are a new or experienced truck driver, Rhode Island may have your next job.

If you're planning on working for a Rhode Island company and making Rhode Island your home base, you must have a CDL that is valid in this state. The State of Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles is the licensing agency responsible for driver licensing. Just like every other state, Rhode Island requires you to pass a written test and then a skills test. Keep in mind that you will likely need an interstate license for just about any job, since Rhode Island is such a small state. The vast majority of shipments do cross state lines.

Trucking salaries reported by Rhode Island drivers are right in line with national averages. According to O*Net, the average salary for a Rhode Island trucker is $39,200 per year.

Don't hesitate - find your next trucking job by checking out Rhode Island trucking jobs below.

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