South Dakota Truck Driving Jobs - CDL

South Dakota Trucking Jobs

Looking for Truck Driving Jobs in South Dakota?

Are you looking for a job opportunity that may provide an extensive list of benefits, many employment options, and relative job stability in coming years? You may want to consider becoming a truck driver in South Dakota. Thanks to the state's dependence on manufacturing, production, and farming, truck driving jobs are extremely important in South Dakota! Earning a CDL can qualify you for many truck jobs in this region. Since South Dakota is such a large state, there may be many types of trucking jobs to choose from. However, unless you live in a large city, local jobs may be in short supply. These jobs typically require daily routes in your area and let you go home every night. Other options include:

  • Regional routes: As a regional driver, you may drive within South Dakota or in neighboring states.
  • Over-the-road routes: OTR jobs can send you anywhere in the country for up to three weeks at a time.
  • Dedicated routes: Dedicated routes vary in length, but they do allow you to drive the same route repeatedly.

In this state, you may work for employers like Heartland Express, Schneider, and Fancy Trucking. Benefits available include tuition reimbursement, retirement savings plans, and insurance.

Requirements, Salary and Career Outlook for S. Dakota Truckers

To become a truck driver in South Dakota and qualify for jobs in trucking, you must earn a CDL from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety. Prior to getting a license, you have to submit a Medical Certificate and self-certify your driving career. Certification options include excepted interstate, non-excepted interstate, excepted intrastate, and non-excepted intrastate. South Dakota has driving understandings with Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska, so you may have special clearances and allowances in these states. Depending on which endorsements are taught at your driving school of choice, you may want to consider expanding your selection of trucking jobs in South Dakota by applying for endorsements. Endorsements in South Dakota include:

  • Double and triple trailers
  • Tank vehicles
  • Passengers
  • School bus
  • Combination vehicles

There are restrictions placed on licenses of different classes. Typically, you must take a special exam or apply for an endorsement to get a restriction lifted. Restrictions levied in South Dakota are: No air brakes

  • No Class A passenger vehicles or school buses
  • No Class B passenger vehicles or school buses
  • Restricted driving hours

  • Trucking Job Requirements in South Dakota

    Starting a rewarding career in the truck driving industry is simply a matter of finding the right job. As a South Dakota driver, you may take loads to other South Dakota cities, nearby states, or other parts of the country. By looking into positions available at each company, you can find a job that fits your needs.

    Before you start working as a truck driver in South Dakota, you have to go through the commercial licensing process if you do not yet have a CDL. This process is overseen by the South Dakota Department of Revenue. You must take at least one written test to get a Class A license. Each endorsement you add to your license involves another written test. The final step is passing a three-part skills test and getting your license.

    The income you claim as a South Dakota truck driver is dependent on which type of truck you drive and which routes you sign on for. Overall, the average salary for a South Dakota truck driver is $36,600 per year (O*Net, 2015).

    Take the first step in your new career and start applying for South Dakota trucking jobs.

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