South Dakota Trucking Jobs - Owner Operators

Owner-Operator Trucking Jobs in South Dakota

Owner-operator trucking jobs in South Dakota are yours for the picking, but you want to consider a few different things in the process.

When you are driving in South Dakota, you must abide by the traffic laws in the state. If you accumulate 15 or more points in a 12 month period, you are subject to having your license suspended. You will need to be sure to find out what all the unique laws are in the state so you do not violate them.

Due to the amount of snow that South Dakota gets every year, you will need to have snow tires and chains for your truck. During certain months in the winter, it may be required for your truck to have them on if you want to go through certain routes with your truck.

As you look at the owner-operator trucking jobs in South Dakota, remember that you are in control. You determine your industry, your truck and much more. Also remember that you are responsible for:

  • Routes
  • Fuel consumption
  • Dispatching
  • DOT recordkeeping

All of the many opportunities should be explored and weighed out to determine which ones are the most lucrative for you.

Truck Driving Jobs for Owner-Operators in South Dakota

As you get established in the truck driving industry, you may be pleased to find that there are many ways you can advance your career, take on more responsibility, and take control of your income. Owner-operators work for many prominent manufacturers and trucking companies in South Dakota.

When you work as an owner-operator, you can benefit from growth in the trucking industry. For South Dakota, this is expected to lead to a 6% increase in jobs through 2022 (O*Net, 2015). The average salary for a truck driver in South Dakota is $36,600 per year, which is very close to the national average (O*Net, 2015).

If you are a new, experienced, or aspiring owner-operator, find out what you can do in South Dakota by applying for owner-operator jobs.

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