Vermont Truck Driving Jobs - CDL

Vermont Trucking Jobs

Whether you're considering driving a straight truck or tractor-trailer throughout Vermont, New England, or the entire country, there may be a variety of trucking jobs for you to consider! This state has a thriving food industry, retail industry, and shipping industry, so it's clear that many companies are in need of highly-trained and experienced truck drivers. There are four main types of CDL jobs you can look into in Vermont:

  • Dedicated: Though it's nice to drive the same route every day, you may need to prove yourself before getting this type of haul.
  • Local: If you want to stay in your city, a local job can keep you close to home.
  • Regional: With a regional job, you may drive within Vermont or to neighboring states.
  • Over-the-road: Over-the-road truck jobs are often the most demanding, as they may require trips of up to three weeks.

  • Vermont has many trucking companies within its borders, so there are several options you may be able to consider. Major employers include Fancy Trucking, Riverside Transport, and Heartland Express. You may be eligible for a range of benefits as a truck driver, including paid training, holiday and vacation pay, and various health insurance options.

    Requirements and Career Outlook for Vermont Truckers

    The truck driving industry of New England relies on drivers from every state to transport products throughout the country and strengthen the local economy. If you are looking for a great career in Vermont, the trucking field may have exactly what you're looking for.

    If this is your first time getting involved with the trucking industry, you have to go through the licensing process first. The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles is your first stop. You may want to apply for an interstate license, rather than an intrastate one. Vermont is a fairly small state, so many companies require goods to be transported out of state. You can add endorsements to license, like air brakes, passenger, multiple trailer, and hazardous materials. The Department of Motor Vehicles administers a number of exams to ensure that you are ready for the responsibility of commercial driving.

    Each company has its own pay scale and pay rates, so spend some time looking into different job opportunities. The average salary for a Vermont truck driver is $39,000 per year (O*Net, 2015).

    Your new career can begin now. Get started by looking at trucking jobs in Vermont.

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