Vermont Trucking Jobs - Owner Operators

Owner-Operator Trucking Jobs in Vermont

Owning your own truck is an idea that many experienced truckers consider. It comes with greater responsibility, you will have to find your own loads, keep up with plates, taxes, permits, fuel costs, insurance and more.

Owner-operators can deduct repairs, licensing fees, accounting, telephone or internet access, depreciation on their vehicle, medical examinations, meal costs, lodging and personal necessities. This goes a long way to reduce the tax that one can expect to pay. Being extremely diligent in tracking expenses will pay off when tax time rolls around. As an owner-operator one must be very familiar with their state laws and regulations in order to avoid penalties.

Truck Driving Jobs for Owner-Operators in Vermont

You have decided to begin working for yourself as an owner-operator, maintaining and owning your own truck while driving the routes that suit your schedule, salary needs, and driving preferences. Vermont may be the perfect place for you to start taking on owner-operator jobs, since many companies fill unclaimed routes with owner-operators.

While working with various trucking and shipping companies in Vermont, you may be able to increase your earning potential. O*Net reports that the average salary for a Vermont tractor-trailer driver is $39,000 per year. This industry may also see some growth in coming years, as O*Net predicts a 5% increase in jobs.

Use your CDL to take your truck driving career in Vermont to the next level. Start today by applying for owner-operator jobs in our list below.

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