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Wyoming Trucking Jobs

Driving in Wyoming

If you live in the western state of Wyoming, you may already know that most of the state relies on trucking jobs! Whether you're talking about toilet paper, food, or gas, the rural communities of Wyoming rely on truck drivers to get them the goods they need. By earning a CDL and researching the truck jobs in your area, you may be able to start a rewarding career. This state is home to many prominent trucking companies, including Riverside Transport, Covenant Transport, and Sapp Bros. Inc. Employers in Wyoming ay offer reliable drivers many different benefits, including the following:

  • Paid time off safety and retention bonuses
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Education reimbursement

It's important to look at the many types of CDL jobs that employers hire for in this state, as this will help you choose the right career path for your lifestyle. The most popular job choice may be local jobs, as these give you the freedom to return home on a daily basis. However, over-the-road jobs are often the most plentiful. With this type of job, you stay on the road for one to three weeks per trip. Regional drivers take trips that last one to three days. As a dedicated driver, you may stick to the same route each day.

Requirements and Career Outlook

Prior to starting a commercial driving job in Wyoming, you must go through the process of earning a commercial driver's license. The Wyoming Department of Transportation sets licensing standards and testing standards for CDL applicants. If you get hired by a trucking company prior to earning your CDL, they may be able to administer your driving test. Otherwise you must report to the Wyoming Department of Transportation for your driving test. Prior to getting your CDL, you must apply for a Commercial Learner's Permit. Once you have used your CLP to get truck driving experience, you may apply for your CDL by taking your skills test.

Wyoming Requirements for Truck Driving Jobs

If you are considering a truck driving career in Wyoming, get ready to get involved in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Truck driving jobs are very diverse, whether you want to return home daily or every three weeks. Learn more about the trucking industry of Wyoming to figure out the best career path for you.

In Wyoming, you must abide by the statutes and laws of the Wyoming Department of Transportation to maintain a commercial driver's license. Once you apply for your license, you make your way through the testing process, which includes written tests and a three-part skills exam. Adding an endorsement may be beneficial to your career, so consider options like double/triple trailer, passenger, and hazardous materials.

Throughout the course of your career, you may find that trucking pay rates in Wyoming are quite a bit higher than national averages. Tractor-trailer drivers claim a median income of $46,300 per year, which is quite a bit higher than the national average of $39,500 per year (O*Net, 2015).

If you're ready to get moving, use the following list of Wyoming trucking jobs to find your next job.

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